Being silent is the biggest pain when you can’t explain youself because you don’t want to, but though want to speak up the heart. A war between Heart and Mind. They are not co relating to each other today. No, this not the ego yet it is something which keeping me shut. May be I know the fact that no one will understand me as always. I’ve lost the hopes with everyone and everything, may be this is the reason to my silence.

Whatever it is!! Silence is painful.


It’s a Monday morning in gurugram (Haryana). After a decent weakened, who wants to way ahead to office. But, going is a compulsion for survival, good food, clothing ,etc. Sitting in the shuttle I saw people who were getting late to the office, waiting for cabs or autos or any mode of transport and then I realized, how much it is important to have a job and office. May be only that’s why everyone is rushing towards it. It’s kinda weird to see this fact that in a world of “wait for nothing” people, we are actually doing this much.


Udyog Vihar